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VBA Event

Dear GRCSU Families, 7-12 Students, Teachers, and community members,

We are looking for a small group of stakeholders from each of our 7-12 schools to participate in a focus group on the topic of proficiency-based grade reporting. Focus group dates, times, locations are listed below. Please let your school’s principal know if you are interested in participating. If you cannot participate, please complete the survey that will be sent out after February break so that we get your feedback too.  

Vermont’s Act 77 requires that all students graduating from high school will be assessed based on proficiency-based graduation requirements by June 2020. Our schools have been working on shifting our grading systems and grade reporting systems (report cards, JumpRope, transcripts, etc.) to match the requirements of the law. We are in the process of reviewing our current practices and resources from other schools in our region and in the state, as well as with reaching out to the GRCSU school communities to incorporate their questions and concerns. Our goal is to develop one or more recommendations for how GRCSU moves forward with reporting the proficiency based grades of our students as per the AOE requirements. Many thanks for helping us to continue to grow and improve our schools.

All focus groups will be held from 4:30pm- 6:00pm.

Poultney High School – 2/25

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